A date with BookClub


A date with a book club with 14 yr old learner – This 14yr old was not small to lead this whole initiative. She likes books and is our librarian, she wanted to create an event around the library and that’s why this book club.

In different groups
Read a book and expand a paragraph into a page.
Draw any one character based on description into the story.
Change the end of the story
Create a song for any situation

Just a book and various ways to play with it.

One opening line was converted into a paragraph.
In the beginning no idea of changing the end, but it became unending changes
Put a lot of thought
Different Sparks
A lot of things outside the story
Any story has many layers
It’s all about detailing and elaborating
Behind the scenes and experiencing the creative process
No idea to many ideas
Used imagination to draw from just a few words
Every idea matters
Collection of ideas
Poetry, language, tough but doable

A common myth that “children and Incapable” – A child tries to reach a switch and immediately a parent reaches out to switch it on for him. A child tries to open a lock and promptly the parent says, “You can’t do this, give it to me”. A child struggles with maths, the teacher says, “You need remedial classes”.

Almost all teachers and parents we have met want children to be confident self-believers. But at the same time through our communication and actions, we are telling children that they are children and hence incapable!

Intuitively, if I want children to feel capable, first I would need to believe that they are capable. Then through my actions show them that they are as capable as any one of us! To us, our whole life is just a continuum, we are born and then we grow and grow on till at some time we just fall off and die. Hence the demarcation called childhood is an arbitrary notion. It’s almost like a country’s or a state’s boundary— a man-made division, which may be of some political and legal importance, but in itself is quite arbitrary. In a global world today, we say, these boundaries are blurring and to good effect.

What do you say?