Danger and experience

Danger and deodorant and experience.
One child got deodorant at the campus.
He sprayed and the spray came on face.
I did not want to tell him directly the do’s and don’t’s of the deodorants

I asked him to give me 30 minutes to explore “how to use deodorants”.
I sat with him

We sprayed it at different places – hands, underarm, back of neck, chest…………….

And every time I sprayed, I asked “can you feel any difference”. And every time he answered “no difference”.

My purpose was to feel If the deodorants feels different at different places – but that failed.

I did not want to spray in eyes and then feel (obviously for safety reasons). But I wanted to him to experience “what happens when it goes in eyes”, I didnot knwo how.

So I just asked a questions “so what about eyes”. He said “it will be different”. I asked,” How”?

He explained to me “See if a sand particle touches my hand skin nothing happens, but if it touches my eyes it is horrible”.

Ah!!! “Does experience means only do it, feel it or it also means experience in different forms, different perspectives?

We both read the instruction on the Deo bottle and explored the ingredients. He did comment “so many chemicals” and then used it with proud.