Dal and Chapati

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Journey of Roti making:We started exploring ingredients for rotis and found that dough was made of wheat flour. We wanted to feel the wheat and looked at all grains to find out which is wheat. Each one had different visual picture in mind about how it looks and how it can taste. We finally searched for wheat grain felt and tasted it. It was fun to observe reactions after we tasted different grains. We then set our measuring cups to start making dough. Each one had different measurements and felt different consistency in dough. Few felt sticky, few felt like jelly, few felt watery. Tried adding flour until they were able to make balls. Each one had their own roller, tried rolling , enjoyed naming of their shapes forming maps, animal structures, made shapes from caps, made square, rectangles, circles, and so. Finally we all set to make rotis. We made rotis as per our understanding of dough being cooked or not, Few tasted to check if dough was cooked or raw. I was an observer, resource provider and faciliattaor. I enjoyed the whole process of understanding about roti making from 1 year old to 25 year old trying their hand skills on roti making. Few children left after dough making, and few completed their balls of dough, few ate their share as part of checking rotis, few made for others after enjoying their share. We all had different opinions on roti making as fun, hard, try more varieties, explored different ingredients, made co-co rotis, egg rotis.

Experiment on Dal making:
2 children were interested in making dal. We made guesses on what all could be added to make dal. They came up cucumber/cabbage/onion/tomato/capscicum/salt / chilly powder and forgot dal. We explored different dals and had a feel of it. We finally chose moong dal. We washed all veggies and dal and cooked all together. Finally the dal was made and it was time for them to check the taste. They found it “spicy, spicy”, so added sugar spoon after spoons until they felt got sweet taste. I enjoyed the whole process of guessing and making dal,