Curriculum and program designs

We support all groups of edu-entrepreneurs - people who either run their own centers (or schools) or conduct programs for children in various venues or work with children as freelancer or in any which way work with children and learning, including home-schoolers

The whole idea is to share program desings, insights about children, methods of learning, share resources, tools, techniques and offer support in your respective endeavour.

We esentially work with people who believe in the child's capabilities to learn, recognize that each is am-able and use the basic approach of child-led learning,

What we offer is all the programs that we have desgined and used till now. While these program designs are available just-like-that - to get most out of the program design it is highly recomended that you go through the intensive Train the Trainer program.

Here are the curriculum / programs design that we offer

  1. Pre-School (2 to 6 years) (complete pre-school curriculum)

  2. Open unSchooling system (6 to 16 years)

  3. Supplementary programs for children (3 to 15 years) - that can be used through out the eyar or as summer program or camps. We have programs based on

    • Success skills and life Skills

    • Multiple Intelligence

    • Thinking skills

    • Creativity

    • Self Development

    • Theater

  4. Training programs for Parents and Teachers

  5. Parent- toddler program

Design sharing works on contribution basis. 
This means several things:

  • Most importantly, finances should NOT be a constraint for people to take the design of the program.
  • You contribute AKSD - apni khushi se doh (give how much ever you feel like). You contribute as per the value you derive from the design 
  • What you gain from the design is our gift to you.
  • What you give us (contribution in terms of money) is your gift to Aarohi
  • Obviously you can give us other gifts too - like sweets or chocolates :-) or blessings or talking about us ... etc.

Contact us to take this forward