Free any facilitator or teacher from the boundaries of ‘curriculum’ and then see the magic of learning. Often parents are worried that ‘no curriculum at Aarohi will lead to no learning or notmuchlearning ’. I see contrarily, that ‘no curriculum’ leads to LOADS of learning.

  • Any person whom we meet, we learn and we do not worry what subject that person specializes in.
  • Any material we see, we can use them, make and create, explore and fail – We do not need to worry about any ‘portion’.
  • Any place we visit, we learn, and we do not worry about ‘waste of time’ or consider them as extra curricular activity.

Often teachers are blamed for not being creative and in turn teachers blame it on to curriculum. As a facilitator of the open learning system I can almost feel the ‘suffocation’ of curriculum.

The curriculum does not allow teachers to be with the child.

When teacher is with the child, teacher is able to facilitate the learning to come from the child. When learning is coming from the child, teacher do not need to worry about the teaching. And When teacher is not teaching, learning can actually be meaningful.