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Workbench is a maker space – a dream place for anybody who is into making stuff and who would need tools, guidance and a contagious environment.

When workbench created this 2.5 day event – Ctrl-Alt-Make – six of our children got excited – to participate, to learn and to make.

While we did not really ‘make’ in these two days – we engaged with thrilling facilitators of Makerspace to learn loads of stuff.

Most importantly we learned that MAKING is COOL.

The first day was more of an orientation (with some presentations thrown in). The action began at the end of day 1 when children were to choose three out of given seven ‘tracks’ which they would explore in the 3 hour sessions each in the coming 2 days. The seven tracks were

  1. Bio-Hacking – Understanding biology to learn from and innovate based on the way nature works

  2. CAD – computer aided design

  3. 3D Printing – Rethinking how we look at making

  4. Wood Working – the fundamental making process – hands and tool.

  5. IOT – Understanding how various devices and machines in our life are not interconnected, talking to each other and co-working to create an Internet of things

  6. AR-VR – Altered Reality – Virtual Reality – how will we see things in future and hwo that is changing our life today.

  7. Coding – Good old way of telling computers what we want them to do for us.

Children from various alternate schools participated and for three sessions children immersed themselves in three workshops of their choice. The facilitators were intense and dedicated, the environment totally tuned to learning. Result: children have come back with lot of exposure – with the opportunities of getting into the making world waiting at their doorstep.

Thanks you workbench projects team. Over to children to get into making.