Creator of her own life

When we started homeschooling Asawari, we identified her talents – art and dance.
We met the best artist in the city and drew the roadmap for her to be an artist by the age of 25yrs. She was 10yrs old then. We thought 15yrs is a good time to spend on any talent and glow. We did the same with dance – met the professional dance troupe and drew her future with them. We thought that now she does not have to follow the curriculum she doesn’t need, she can now completely focus on developing her talents.

Well, she started, but she was not glowing. She would go to classes, but after that there was nothing We realized that something was missing here

Within three months she expressed in different forms that this is not what she wanted to do to.

All classes dropped. And then she went on exploring 100 other things including dance and art
She did this for the next 11years, did not stop at one thing but did many different things -write novela, make kitchen building, choreographed dances, created art, met people, facilitated people much elder to her, attended many youth programs, traveled, an intern with cafe, accounts, farming, dreamt of opening a chai shop, cooking, baking, and many more things.

And finally, she connected with sustainability and started the business of natural products.
Even in the business, her emphasis is not on money or business but on experimenting and exploring the various products. As parents, this area is completely new to us, but we did not need to lead anything for her. We did not have to draw a business plan for her, neither find resources for her to start and run her business and even work on procuring all kinds of material and making customer databases. She had some strengths and where she needed more she acquired them. It didn’t matter what talents she had, what mattered was what she connected with.
She finds joy in inventing the products, researching testing, and playing. She has done all kinds of internship courses to get expertise in her area of business – from the course on Economics, Aroma Therapy to Ayurveda. In her 11yrs of exploration – she did not develop any one thing, she developed many other things, including “how to learn anything”. Today she is not a dancer or an artist, the way we saw then with our limited exposure. She is the creator of her own life!