Creative Process – Planning

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This week in Deep DIve and Drill rooms we worked with a simple tool of planning

What-why-where-how-when and so only

In deep dive space, we discussed more on HOW ELSE (deep dive is a space where kids choose to go deeper in any one or few interests)

Skanda 13yrs old, is into making rap songs – Some thoughts Skanda has planned – play the beat and keep writing, analyze the lyrics in the app – writers, audience view, rappers view, listen to songs, interview podcast, making of music videos
And some more stimulation on What Else /How Else – make dannadana, , just write, , listen to songs, interviews, group app, analyzing, Share and take feedback, Connect with other rappers, Learn about Albums, Learn different languages – Typical words, Kannada

Making raised beds, Some actions Rishab, 15yrs old has planned “10 beds – hands-on Researching, watching videos, teaching younger kids”
And some more stimulation on What Else /How Else – Post methods – what are you trying, research, your notes (observation), write/ask 50 questions without finding the answer, Different types – Comparative charts of different methods, Experimentation with soil and observe

Trisha, 13yrs old, wants to study Biology for 10th exams, using text books.
And some more stimulation on What Else /How ElseResearch, try hands-on, experiments, observation, Notes, MIndmaps (keywords), 10 min talk, teach, feedback, sharing,

Shikha has already planned in detail about her Odissi dance development,
Some more stimulation – Analysis – different dances, Teach, Dance-Demo watch/make, Talk – criticize, debate, , Fusion, Make your own compositions, Experiments

The idea of stimulation on what else/how else is just to bring to the awareness that there are always many more ways/many more things to do anything, to learn anything. The idea is not that the children will pick up all these ideas or start doing, but the intention was to just stimulate the thought process, without any expectations of the results.

We continue the process … the creative process and not only the planning process.