Counselling Circle – Peer Support


Bad News – One child received several concerns – Abusive language, Teasing, Pranks, Shouting at parents, Taking other’s stuff without taking permission, Misuse of laptop/internet, Touching others inappropriately

Good News – We get the opportunity to explore peer support!


Five kids from the community came forward to be part of a ‘counseling circle’. This circle worked to see how can a team of children can support another child overcome his or her current limitations/ hurdles/ issues. During the helpmates, these kids listened to concerns.

After the community shared their concerns, we introduced energy circle. We asked the community ‘what do we want for this child?” And subsequently, we also asked the child and all the other kids “what do you want for yourself?” We together came up with the list of things which we want for each other. We all made energy circle for ourselves!

Hope, this brings a new perspective on peer support.