Celebrating “contribution”. The week began with a simple act of contributing to the Rangoli on the floor to welcome – Just a few dots on the floor. Each one contributed in their own way. The creation was different from one person making with one point of view. A contribution is not only about contributing to work or wealth…but the contribution in many different ways. A small reflection at the end of the day to look into the contribution beyond a limited understanding.

What action of your’s added happiness in people’s lives or in the environment?
How did you contribute to the energy?
When you contributed to irritation?
Somebody’s hunger ( knowledge, curiosity)?
Your Understanding?
And a realization that we contribute in many different ways including irritation and boredom to others.

Each task we do, it contributes
To us
To others
To the neighborhood
To the country
To the universe
And Happiness, Kindness, Sadness…it’s limitless.

But a conscious reflection realizing our contribution in this whole universe! One doesn’t have to think about contribution only when the fame follows or other’s recognize. Each individual is unique and contributing in many different forms.