Directions to O-campus


DIRECTIONS to O-Campus - distance apprx 57 kms from Indira nagar, 90 minutes journey in all kinds of traffic.

Enjoy longest flyover in Bagaloare or take take the side road to enjoy the urban side. After you pay toll, you are tempted to zoom - take your own decision. Keep on moving till you get the board "attibelle this side"

After you take right turn under the flyover termed as Attibelle flyover - you are going to leave urbanization behind you. Enjoy the landscape around – see the cows on the road, children playing, small shops, and people just waiting on the road side………..

 After few km you reach TVS factory – you will see bikes and bikes and bikes packed – If you wish to buy one stop - else move ahead.

 After about 2.5 kms you see a”Y” road keep onto your left - enjoy the landscape, vast land, wonders what one is doing here. You are in Tamilnadu, But the breeze is same.

Continue with the vast sky and within 800mts you get a junction (cross roads) - you have to keep going straight.

 Another 2 kms or so you meet a major junction (we need to continue straight on this junction on the Rayakottai road).

 If you are hungry, stop and have quick byte at R K Lunch home onto your left side (orange building) – a simple veg place, serves on plantain leaf (if you are environment conscious you will feel happy), a hot cup of coffee in ceramic glass will probably remind you of your good old days. 

 After the sumptuous filling, continuing moving straight on the road, enjoy the country side, the breeze. Birds on the wires, trees………………. and suddenly you will realise that you have covered about 15 kms and you have reached a junction.

 Take left, (this is Denkanikottai - sholagiri road) - as soon as you take left you see a petrol pump, wondering what a petrol pump doing in the corner you move ahead and cross a railway crossing (if you get to see a train, enjoy it and consider yourself lucky).

 Move ahead and enjoy the rocks, the peace, after 2 kms you see two new and big buildings on your left, (one of them is Govt high school), and you also see one more building (college campus) under construction on your right side. You are about to reach, see silver oak trees in the lap of gentle hills onto your right, a littlet ahead you see a green gate saying 'Aarohi Campus'’ yes!, that's where AAROHI begins.

 If you want to enjoy the landscape, move ahead you will meet NH 7, so come back and meet us near silver oak trees.

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