Consultancy and Desinging

We can be of use to

  • marketing comanies that have products/ services related to children (and parents).
  • NGOs working with children
  • Schools

What we can do

A) Design related
A1. Design learning activities, lesson plans and curriculum ideas for any age group and any subject. 
      Age groups would range from two years to 17 years)
      Subjects would range from all academic subjects to other areas like Arts, Music, Physical dev., life skills, etc)
      Or more beautifully be based on framework of Multiple Intelligences.
A2. Design and implement activities, programs and resources to develop, in children:
     ~ higher order thinking skills
     ~ Success Skills (including social and emotional skills)
A3. Conceptualise and design games which lead to fun-learning - the games can be group games, individual at home games or even computer based games. Further these games can be on any area of child's development. 
A4. Conceptualize, design and facilitate projects which are both highly engaging and very meaningful for children. The projects typically cover multiple developmental or learning objectives. These can be stand alone or can be part of a program or curriculum.

See the list of program designs (at the end of this page or left menu bar) that are available off the shelf.

We offer the above designs as a gift to whoever wants to use it. You can use it as is or adapt it to your purpose and the group of children.

If you in return want to give gift to us - you are most welcome to pay AKSD - Apni Khushi Seh Doh (Give as per your happiness)


B) Consultancy related
B1. Help schools set up internal self and continuous training system - a kind of teacher empower teacher program.
B2. Support of teachers through design of curriculum value additions - these are typically aides, tools and activities that support a teacher in making her subject more engaging, experiential and lucid to children. These could be customized for a group of teachers or could be general idea with respect to a 'concept' or 'skill'.
B3. Offering a more development oriented assessment system - which, instead of being evaluative is more formative and constructive. Usage of observation based tracking system, self and peer evaluation and assessment fun-tools, etc.

Interested - email Ratnesh at or call on  +91-98450-45833