Constraints and Learning

It was another day for learning with constraints JMovie day at Aarohi brings a lot of excitement. We have the constraint “movies of different categories”.

Kids got two movies “one was romantic and other was comedy”First it took time to understand that “what is romance for one is comedy for other”…………..Then, which one to watch? how to decide? Voting resulted in people changing their views …….and I do not HOW the “comedy movie (black and while eara – Laurel and Hardy” was projected ?

The projection itself was learning – while some were struggling to put projectors and connect with laptop and arrange for speakers, some were discussing for next time, so the time is not wasted, some were catching with the chat and rest…………….while few were “working”, there was an understanding and harmony on the roles each one was playing.

All they needed were few adults in the environment who were absolutely SILENT, NO INTEREFRCE with any struggle, any action (except safety), any thoughts. None hurried up, noone took decision for children, noone came for help (no child asked for any help).Effectively we saw movie only for one hour but the process to select, watch, set up was worth many hours of learningJ

OBSERVE The DIRECTIONS of the speakers –Two sets of audience – some were sitting in front of the speakers and some were sitting back of the speakers – so to cater to needs of all the speakers were kept facing both the sides.