Constraint and Crocodile


Constraints are part of creativity. A small constraint can change the way we look at things and ourselves also. Often we get used to of doing things in one way and not even realize our slavery with that way of doing and we call it ‘normal’.

We played ‘crocodile’ with kids. Its a very simple game, you have to cross the river without getting caught by a crocodile (Denner). Often we play, kids play. This time in thought club we experimented with small constraints – play blindfolded and follow the sound, cross on four legs, play in pairs and so on.

Initially, it was ‘oh why this? Let us play NORMALLY!

Soon they started being aware of sounds (when eyes were closed), talking to peers (when holding hands), slowed down (when crawling) and being aware of self.

The experience was not definite, we just wanted to break ‘normal’ and see what one could EXPLORE in return. The outcome was not designed, but experience was.