Constitution of Aarohi begins

It was a wonderful day. We began with “what we want to in open house on Fridays?” What should be the constitution of Aarohi? The session began with stimulation on safety watching few video on accidents, safety, hygiene and reading articles like “computer harms eyes”.

The idea was not to teach them about safety, but to stimulate THINKING on what do they think what it is? The objective was to make it a open topic and keep it constrained by the codes – so we did not talk about “safe and unsafe behaviour”.

The things which look safe to me, does not look safe to others (adults)

  • Crossing road
  • Standing on the train gate
  • Jumping between two building
  • Cycling on the road
  • Staying alone at home and so on

The things which I do and I do not feel unsafe

  • Not wash hands after the toilet (I cannot see the germs)
  • Leave toilet dirty
  • Hit others
  • Scream
  • Throw material and so on

The scenes of toilets and hitting others were so exaggerated dramatized by me, that kids had to stop me “aunty, its enough”.

We closed the session with “what is my right and what is my duty”.We ended with the first line in “constitution of Aarohi”

  1. My RIGHT is to demand for safe environment.
  2. My DUTY is to create a safe environment and express myself.

Kids are excited to write “constitution of Aarohi” and this is what we want to do in “open house and public opinion” session on Fridays (alternate).