competition OR co-operation

Someoen shared “during live station kids wanted to show “how is my drawing”.
I experienced the same sometime inside me when kids show competition, eagerness to be praised
In my workshops also people ask “I do not do, but my child compares”.

At Aarohi the child is experiencing “self praise, cooperation etc”.
Outside child may be experiencing “praise, comparison, etc ete

So what is OUR role?
I think our role is PURELY to EXPOSE the child to various aspects.
I also believe that our role is to present various ASPECTS of one thought and break my beliefs (thinking that competition is harmful is also my rigid belief).
I also wish that we make my role as a catalyst but not act as a chemical to being any changes in the way the child is.

So nothing is wrong or right
nothing is perfect

Also the child asking for a praise in no indication of anything (low or high self esteem) – but the way I react to that makes a difference in the way the child think about self. So while I do not play a role in WHAT the child thinks, I do play a role in HOW I make child feel and think.

This is my own realization when I REACT to my own child who shows “I want to win, I want to compete, I am better than others, I want to be best”. I have started looking at his expressions as HIS NEEDS. I do not want to change him as per my thoughts (compassion, co-operation………..etc etc). So while I know what happens when I work with co-operation, I also know that If a child like competition and If he is asked to be co-operative it is equally harmful in making of a person. Believe in competition OR co-operation will build with child’s own experience (WIP) but how I make child believe in himself is making foundation for a child feels about self NOW.

So what is my role?

  • To make child feel low about self because the child is looking for a praise?
  • Or accept the child what he think/ believe/needs?
  • and/ or explore various aspects of one thought and allow the child to construct own understanding?

We, as adult also need to accept that EACH child is Work In Progress – and it will be too soon to judge any child by his current thinking or beleives. While, every adult is work done.

I hope I am making some sense. I am learning with chidlren EVERYDAY, I am AMABLE!