Competition and Coopeartion


We play sports, no matter how much we (Adult) not like competition, kids bring their own spirit of competition. Football is played with pure competitive spirit. When one makes goal, other one sulk, when one team wins they celebrate and other cry….we see hatred, competition, jealousy and all other emotions.While we not stop any of those emotions, we also bring cooperation to experience.

Every Thursday we bring cooperative games to experience other side of playing. Hide and seek is played as seek and hide, where one hides in any place in the campus and rest as a team search for the hidden place and join in the hiding place.When Ramji joined at campus he brought a very simple game. played with stick (any tree branch) and a soft ball. No team, no goal…but we all played with loads of fun. In theory kids expressed they liked this cooperative game…BUT!!!

Yes, its just the exposure. The exposure of competition is widely available to experience, we do our bit to expose them to cooperation and rest is their choice 🙂