Community Satsang


SatSang – As we explored the meaning (like-minded people coming together) or Company of good (sat) people! Thank you, Anita, Kamaraj, Chetan, Prapulla and Mr. Bashu for this wonderful day. The place (Dega farm) is a peaceful place which brought a natural peace to the whole process. The delicious food, love, and care of our host brought joy in the whole process. We together pondered.

What is life education?
Can education teach us about life?
Can education dwell on various aspects of life – What is a relationship? What are emotions? What is pain? What is fear? What is the place of belief in life? What is life?
Can education bring thinking? Can education bring feelings? Can education take us to NOW state?
What are the aspects of life education? What are exposures required for life education? What are gateways to meet challenges of life?
Can life education open up that gateway? Can education bring the nourishment of body and mind?
Suppose we only pursued only what we like and not do what we don’t like?
Is “what I don’t like” is freedom?
Is doing what I like is life education?
Can education be doing what “I can’t”?

Looking forward to creating more spaces to come together with meaningful conversations. Thank you all for your participation. Deep gratitude to friends of Mr Bashu for spending their time with us and participation by questioning, thinking, sharing.