Community with Mariana


By Mariana Coelho Maximino 06.03.2020

I didn’t know what to expect about open learning, I barely was exposed to the concept before. I guess this, allowed myself to live and experience broadly these possibility(ies), surely not without questioning my backgrounds and partial skills.

It is being quite a challenge to experience a very different culture than mine, so, to deal with a fresh and unknown way of living-teaching-experiencing is a double challenge! But is also very funny to learn a new way to sweep, to use the toilet, to make coffee (I’m still resisting to accept this last one! – Silly knots are not always easy to dissolve…). From the hill of my 28, I was pretty sure that I already knew it all.This way, crossing some oceans, reveals that communications skills deeply need to be developed…

Find balance between openness and points of view is a must, hopefully I’m getting a little better in these aspect. Some cultural barriers may sometimes overcome our common language, but our common needs and sense of community pushes us to keep trying… Sparks spread easily and extinguish the fire demands collective effort and good tree branches!! I bet our interconnection can surpass our flaws, lack of clarity and unhabillities…

Remaining open to share and then, just then, take your conclusions – this you can call learning, even if the time proves that was not so precise.

The incredible facilities, the inspiring kids and the safety of the judgement free environment may let you easily forget that still are unknown codes or procedures, that by accident the can be broken (And I’m sorry about it!). Asking before making a mistake is the trickiest point. Hopefully, comprehensibility can save myself, if is not asking to much.
Being more close to the nature, in a small village, with more quiet nights (apart from the elephants alert!) and in a slow rhythm of life, certainly is a incredible balsam for the health. Mostly for a solo traveler (especially a woman) so far from everything and everyone I knew before. Is being a blessing to be in a quiet especial and nourishing place…even that mind and body takes a while to assimilated it, and reactivities can’t be silent…Adaptations requires time, maybe more that we have presumed…We want and try to be butterflies or dragonflies, but happens to just be a common fly…And it is perfectly fine, the best we can offer sometimes needs a lot of improvement. Nothing that a constantly learner can complain about!

Even in these conditions, silence, deepty, align speech, actions and mind, rooted spirituality (connected with the environment) remains a long way to experience. Being through and feel like, at the same moment, is really a astronomic event! (That I strongly believe happens everyday, every deep breath, but I still not enough aware…)

Freedom is a brave act and defy all ours presumed responsibilities, narrow boundaries and abilities to sustain bridges. I salute and profoundly thank all our players in these try! Let’s go for another match! 🙂

Thank you so much for all, dears Aarohi’s friends,

Big hug!