Community and Consensus


Nothing stays still at Aarohi, nothing stays same at Aarohi…it evolves, it grows. Like a river who never stays at one place, keep flowing Aarohi keeps flowing with the flow of people who makes this community.

It was time to review our schedule and reflect what we want to add and what we want to remove from our daily schedule.

New schedule with more time for outdoor play and music in daily life was proposed. It took three days (3hrs) to review each time with the whole community to come to a consensus.

Each time was reviewed, each voice was heard, each thought was valued, each suggestion was incorporated. It looks difficult to take take care of each need, but it is not impossible to achieve. Thanks to Sociocracy we have learn how to bring efficiency while we hear each voice.

While there was not much concern with getting up early (6am), but there were concerns over feeling hungry or glucose level level down in exercising just after getting up, Discussion helped us to know how can we use work on our food and life style.
An extra hour for outdoor and gardening was welcomed with all thumbs up.
Short planning time demanded more efficiency and preparation and cut short all unnecessary discussions.
Longer self directed learning time allows one to breathe and design as per own comfort
Longer campus care allows us to stay work in detail and spend time efficiently
A quick snacks time before sports called for discussion, concerned were raised, solutions were discussed
Few things like helpmates and campus training – their frequency was reviewed and voted for alternate weeks.
Sleep time and what if one is not feeling sleepy after lights off…various thoughts were expressed and solutions were proposed. We could not satisfy one person here, we came to consensus to try for sometimes and review again.
Early dinner faced maximum opposition and at the end left with one person having concern. Even that one person expressed that he will try and if it is very difficult we will review it again.

While the whole process took three days, each day we spent an hour discussing and listening each voice, not much changes were done in the original proposal of the schedule, but this brought huge amount of participation to understand our schedule and our roles in working at Aarohi.

Thank you Shammi and John for introducing the concept of Sociocracy, We always wanted to have community participation and wanted that each vice to be heard in community, but our tools and processes were not very efficient. Sociocracy gave us the tools to make it happen.