Cocoon Observation

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One parent-child asked
Please help us identify. Is this a caterpillar? We love the pattern on its back, the yellow and black combo also looks beautiful, it walks quite fast, it’s like a worm on a mission!

And then they shared

Update on the caterpillar we found! It turned from a bright yellow to a very dull brown and today found it like this! We are so excited to observe this metamorphosis!
The cocoon seems to be darkening and having some lovely patterns. I am wondering if this pattern is indicative of the pattern that will be on the butterfly when it emerges!

And then
Update from the cocoon – we are still safe and sound inside. The size of the cocoon seems to be smaller now.

And then
Now it seems that the cocoon has turned dark brown. We think that we can see a shape of a wing inside!! Wow, can you start guessing the color now? Keep a close eye on this for the next 2-3 days. I think it’s getting ready to emerge. Especially early in the morning, keep checking it

And then
Look what emerged from the cocoon!We are observing the symmetry of colors and patterns on its wings and body. The pinkish hue has particularly attracted me.

And then
Integrating Art and Nature! What do you see? Any details?

And then
This angle makes it look like a scary monstrous creature with big huge eyes! Wondering if this could be camouflage or is it just my imagination !!

What do you think?
is this learning?