Co-Creation STORIES


Story of co-creation When mixer jar and shin pads joined hands:) For the last two weeks, Krishiv has taken up the responsibility of repairing things in the home under his contribution to the home. He had two tasks 1. Repair mixer jar 2. Repair handle of his bicycle Bicycle thing got done but mixer jar repair work is pending for the last two weeks. Today we discussed how can we make that happen. Our discussion points Reasons of not happening even after few reminders What is the suitable time to get it done? How do you make sure to remember? Both are of us had few thoughts on each question, right from putting Alam to Mumma gives reminder Finally we decided to keep shin pads in the jar so while going for football he can take jar along and get the thing done Let us see what happens now?!

Today’s experience- “Learning/Unlearning Days of the Week” Today morning, I thought let me see if Suhrud knows the days of the week. So he knew a few, then he asked me to do they keep repeating I said yes. He asked to me say the names and he wanted to repeat after me. Then he wanted to do once more.
So, I started giving him the sound of the starting letter of the name of the day like “M M M ” and he completed by saying M M M Monday” .. and so on. Then greedy me thought let me do once more. Then it will get wired … ( How sometimes I can’t let go of my old habits! ) So I said ok let’s do it again and this is what happened to Days of the week. ( Read it with sounds of starting letter..) M M M Monday T T T Tande W W W Wanday Th Th Th Thande F F F Funday S S S Sunday I literally rolled down laughing. And that how I learned/unlearnt today what the Days of the Week are!

Each time when Krishiv plans his week, I have my opinions, I have suggestions . If he doesn’t complete his work, I have my own ways to remind him I have my own ways to make him decide consequences. If I look back, with time I am loosening the rope but I still feel it in my hand . His planning happens at his will but I take responsibility to make it happen I am still taking responsibility of his learning and if I don’t leave the rope how would he take in his hand! As theory I know.. It takes 100% trust on him It takes firm belief that he is capable of making his own learning … But it is not happening fully/whole heartedly/practically. I have intentions. Earnest intension to leave the rope. But how ? Just leave the rope n see? I thought in that direction..asked him if he wants go to Aarohi, (safest way to leave ropes:) but there also I feel Aditi and Ratnesh are there. Still am I trusting him? Nah… I am realising that how difficult to keep trust! And also how silly it is not to have trust on my own child ! But this is the reality of this moment. Yes I am understanding myself a lil more.

It was a sparkling spring afternoon when we met on the Radio Club’s second meeting and discussed what the radio club will do. Someone pointed out, how do we get people to join? What do we do? Ratnesh coolly says – don’t worry. We will get everyone to come…hum kisiko chhodenge nahi. CHHODENGE NAHI! And that became our slogan. Loosely translated as Won’t Leave. A show that you can’t leave. A show that won’t leave you. The lines were written in a rap format, in 1 sitting. We then made a group to discuss the lyrics. There are a few other versions that we will hopefully launch in the next seasons. Resources for future music producers here – – The rap beat used was found online (Produced by Mixla) – Software used – Garage Band (free on any mac device) – Vocals are mine – recorded in a room with closed doors/windows/fans

Completed my 1Q goal of climbing the outdoor climbing wall route behind me (about 50ft) consequently for 7 times. Started at 8:04AM and finished at 8:15AM, with a water break of 30secs in between. 7 climbs in 11 minutes; 3 months of intentional but simple playful climbing. One important thing I followed is being consistent going to the wall at least 4 times a week and climbing different configurations- top rope, lead, roof climb, and campus bar training. Eventually, I could increase the repetitions from 2-3; have done many 3 times, few 4 times, once only 5 times, and then 7 climbs last Saturday. You know, progressing gradually and organically, naturally.

Krishiv loves reading comics. Like origami it’s been a consistent interest for the last 4-5 years. I believe from there has emerged a love for comic characters doodling. He keeps doodling everywhere I would find his doodling everywhere, on his legs and hands to books he reads and writes. Now in that case me adult and parent won’t take it simply. I would start seeing a comic artist in my child:)) I keep sketch pads and pens in an environment so it’s handy for him to doodle. I buy as many comic books I can afford to buy. We frequently visit crosswords to read comics. My antenna goes really high if I hear of any comic artist taking any kind of workshop. would make sure to visit him/her with Krishiv’s sketchbook and would ask for advice. We would visit designing students pursuing their masters in comics designing. Whenever I find interesting jokes or short funny stories, there goes an invitation to Krishiv to make a comic strip. Invitations don’t get accepted most of the time though. Many times I keep checking comic-making online courses, yeah just checking and that it. Have not suggested to Krishiv so far. I feel it would kill his own style. I am quite satisfied with my act upon his interest and while writing all together I got impressed by me too:) Just a very tini tiny miss..I have never asked what does comic reading means to him!