City Planning


A Jatre on Indus civilization with Advik.
His first presentation.
He was nervous to do in front of 14 guests at the campus, along with other kids.
He planned for an hour but it got over in 20 minutes.

But the topic of “Town Planning” triggered the curiosity to explore further more. We dealt with understanding our own city and its planning. The first question was ” who plans the city?”….a politician, prime minister, citizens, businessmen, rich people, citizen, designers…the responses reminded me of perception “milk comes from the packet”. So, first, we understood “BDA’… Bangalore Development Authority…then we assumed “what if we were development authority and design a city…we explored various needs of a city and realized ” so much goes in designing a city”. Something which comes so easily to us!

Not so much to our surprise the group (5 to 55yrs old) came up withall that all city planning involves – land, building, administration, law, facilities (hospitals, parks, markets, roads, transport system, banks, etc), drainage, residences, and people!