‘What it means to be a citizen’. A session with Sudha to understand our country

Questions we heard
What does it mean to be a citizen of the country?
How do we know that we are a citizen of any country?
Who is a citizen?
What are the rights and duties?
How are rules made?
What is the government? How is the government made?
Is everyone who lives in a country is a citizen?
Why do people leave their country?
Where did voting start?
Who becomes a citizen?
What does it mean to be a citizen?
What are child rights?

Word we heard – CITIZENSHIP, Voting, passport, democracy, origin, choose, LANGUAGE, religion, KINGDOMS, SUBJECTS, power, GOVERNMENT, representative, citizen v/s subject, rights, responsibilities, duties, tax, national service, CONSTITUTION, the book of rule, book of laws, election, PARLIAMENT, MLA, court of judges, Lok sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Soudha (sabha), panchayat, CONSTITUTIONAL, unconstitutional, RESIDENT, visa, REFUGEE, flea, violence, migration, civil war, oppressed, MIGRANT, voting, GREECE, democracy, caste, man, gender, caste and class, rich, slaves,, bonded labour, KINGDOM of VAISHALI, Adivasi, Dalit, Tribes, natives, forest cutting, right to information, child rights, development, right to express, right to good health care, violation of rights and COLLECTIVE…

The session stimulated me to know what does “me” means in “my country”.