Circuit Circuit

Read these wordsDClights, what and how components are made, what is bio degradable and non degradable, positive negatives, circuit diagram, melting etc etc.
All these words and the material for the same was a great exposure to many of us who were part of the life stationbyRajeshUncle.RajeshUncle thank you for an interactive session. Childrensharedtheirknowledge about the different elements that they knew, they asked simple to complex questions and wereinvolvedin the whole process using different analogies. How they will use what they gained today I do not know, how they will use the same I am clueless. But one thing, I am sure that they have got a lots of hands onexperience,which when they need they will surely connect to. Even after the sessionchildrenwere involved in the process of melting and placing the wires, there was lots of discussion about the same.