Churning inside

A lot happens during the week – sometimes I find it difficult to comprehend what all is happening all around me – the environment is highly stimulating when kids are at campus at Aarohi. If you visit the place, you will find a lot of masti, lot of discussions, chatting, sharing, doing, making, or just being with self – self assessment in the form of reflection at the end of the week reveals the unlimited churing inside each child, and yet more remains inside, hard to express all in words. Some of the snippets from our reflection……..

Child 1 – I worked on my speech on nail cutter in two languages – English and Tamil. I understood about speaking in stimulation. I got twigs and shaped them to attach to my base of my cupboard, I am still struggling to attach. I worked on solar oven, I tried baking biscuits in my own type of solar oven without researching. In Math lab I got confused with written problems, I was not able to follow what was written in words, but when it was written in math format I was able to follow with ease. In water lab, I learnt lots of things such as what is hardness and what is fluoride? How does it helps i water and all, in safety lab I worked on making a poster and when I got feedback I was thinking why and how? ow next time, I will be ready. Evertime I got something I was noting it down, I was singing one song while day, I experimented with heat, I worked on mental and written math, I asked my peers for help, I was connecting with myself and talking to myslef in meditation. When I keep things back, I balance my body and keep them back. Generally, whenever I get something new, or some experience I first like noting it down by picture or words and sharing it with someone. If something is going waste, I would like to resue that. When I was preparing speech in Tamil, I was thinking where else I can use them and how they be useful in my day to day life. When I was collecting twigs, I was trying different kinds of waste to attach, it was helping me to udeerstand how I can use wood to wood and what material I can use. In solar oven when I was experimenting I was getting new ideas, this was helping in my exploration, how all I can do, in labs I learnt different things, how written problems are different then math problems. In safety lab I learnt how I can take feedback. I like sharing my leairng with someone, and if none is ready to listen, I like sharing with my notebook.

Child 2 – Reflection for me is to reflect on myself, and not on others, it is for others to reflect on themselves. I learnt by recording, imagining, observing, experimenting, thinking, reading and understanding the systems around me. I recored my thoughts on my work, I brought math by understanding area and volume concept, I imagine the word done at the end. I used sickle to cut the healthy grass, next day I just cut it without holding it. I learnt that one tool can do different work, and also different tools can do one work. Everything will not work as I imagine. Nothing is perfect. I learnt about Pi and radius and pi r. I worked on making balloon car brochure, I learnt that I can write nicely even if it looks horrible. In math lab it was fun solving confusing written problems. In security lab it was boring, I was only waiting for one resource, that was the only resource in my mind and that was not available and I did not have any other resource in my mind. In water lab I answered my questions without asking others, I explored the water filtration system at campus that helped me in getting clarity and my questions were answered. I made drawing in water lab, that made others confused and me clear about my doubts.

Child 3 – I used speaking skills while reading aloud in the evenings, I observed my style, pronunciation and pauses. I anchored thought club, I explored the concept of anchor. This week I learned by reading, pictures, peers,trying,listening and asking questions. Peer 10%, Trying 10%, Listening 10%, Pictures 10%, asking questions 10% and reading 40% – 20% reading on net and 20% in books. In sunshine show, I learnt how to make a bowl with paper rolls from my peer. In session I worked on accounts of aarohi, I did entries and reconciliation. I did not learn anything but I moved ahead in my work, I had a lot of backlog. I understood reconciliation better. In project, I took orion development. I planned what all I am going tot do in project. I am going to do painting, and explore color combinations. I found a book that will help me understand colour combinations. In water lab I researched about hardness in water on net. In math lab I read about square and square roots in a textbook. In safety lab I drew a poster on fire. In rest time I made greeting cards and I tried different things in the card. I wokred with math – application, scientific knowledge, visual composition, speaking and reading.

Child 4 – CCTV was most interesting topic for my week, I never knew how they work. In future I will go to a place where there is no Internet, then how will I find out about any topic, I want to work on finding about something – like reading books, borrow books from other people, watch videos in CD, imagine, experiment, finding information from other people and that all. I understood about speaking that it is not only telling from mouth, it is also expressing. I found out about different sizes, different types. I want to have one for safety of Umbara. I used Internet to research, I read from news paper about CCTV installed in BMTC buses and police keeping on the road. I can read more about lenses. I can prepare a presentation on why we need CCTV camera and how it will be useful. If we want we can prepare for budget, I will find out if we have money in Aarohi. If we have less, we can earn more from the fee and then we can buy. I made a thank you email card. I never knew about so many things like how to color, make different sizes, highlight the words, keep names of folders, add pictures.

Child 5 – While speaking I was working on accent, focusing on the words. And punctuation (I was pausing). I want to learn how to speak on different topics, If I want to tell something and not getting a correct sentence then I am stuck, and I stop. When I read a new words
I am not able to pronounce – so I want to work on new words.

Child 6 – In stimulation, I made one minute speech on one topic from notices. I listened to recorded story, I was noting down how the person is speaking, I worked on making e-card. I used photographs and explored different ways to use word document. I worked ons sentence
formation. When I was listening to people speaking, I was making a note of my thoughts, opinion on it. In math lab I learnt about
fractions, in Security lab I worked on poster making (I am making poster for the first time), In water lab I was finding answers of my
questions, I was wondering what all can be added and should not be added in water for filtration. used recording, listening, reading,
reflecting, computer, writing, composing, board games, gardening, grass cutting, pebble painting, writing math problem.

Child 7 – I opened telephone, I could not open it then I brought a small screwdriver. And then I am not done still yet. In resource lab I sorted pencils and sharpeners and then sorted the paper like big and small. In water lab I ask people what is drinking water and dirty water. In Math lab I am counting keys. In book reading I counted mushrooms, tears and fingers.

Child 8 – Before I started I had imagined that something will go wrong, I will not be able to do and so on. But once I start working then I felt am able to do and my image is broken. I had clear planning, so I could move ahead. I understood that gardening is not only planting, you can explore the land and experiment. I worked on speaking in different ways. In water lab I enjoyed having questions in my mind on water system at the campus. In Math lab I was enjoying the way I was doing written math problems. In security lab I read presentation which helped me on first aid in case of snake bite.

Child 9 – I did planning for the week. I was thinking and then I did planning. At kitchen site I worked on cutting iron rods. While working on car parking I learnt to cut grass with sickle. In water lab I learnt new words like drainage, filtration etc. I mixed water from drain, from utensil wash, soapy water to see when it will become dirty. I want to keep it for two weeks, and then see what happens. When I was watering the tree I was alert. In book lab I sorted different books as per the category. I learnt how to read words and sentences in a book. I wrote book review and I sorted the books in the library. Now, I can search for books in the library. I labelled the categories of the library. I learnt that I can make labels. In math lab I was did sums. I learnt to do them fast. I learnt that I can keep books in many ways.