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So what is the child’s interest?
What if the child is not going deeper or leaving it?
What is the parent’s role?”

This week we explored “choices and nonchoices”.
We say one of the roles is to bring the awareness that when I continue with one interest, I am leaving other interests. When I am leaving one and choosing others, I am making my choices. I have the choice to go deeper or just to explore. I have the choice to make it challenging for myself or to stay with the exploration. When we bring this awareness, the chances are that the child will operate from the choices – and choices can go wrong. So as I grow, I can use my experiences to CREATE myself through my own choices (wrong or right both). I may use the introspect of one task and apply it in another ….and I continue to create myself, as no one else can do that for me. So as a parent, we cannot create the child with our experiences, but we can bring the opportunities to bring awareness. What do you say?

Roshani, mother of 6yrs old Ronal sharing – “The other choices/ interests of his are… reading, watching videos and cartoons, pretend play, playing outdoors with friends, playing with parents at home. Grooming, bathing, and brushing with reminders from us. He recently asked me to teach him maths. We are going to start discussing how to go about it, what resources we can use, and then spend some time going about it together and individually. Writing is not his choice at the moment”