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In our home, we had a stepped clothes cupboard in the kid’s room. Our kids would keep their clothes at different heights as they would grow in height and decide for themselves what they wanted to wear. From an early age (2-3 yrs old) they would choose their clothing.When I look at their childhood pics I wonder “oh! This is the combination of clothes they wore!”

Well, my son had no concept of “set”. He would wear pants from one set and t-shirts from another. He had his own sense of combination (as you can see in the picture). It took me time to understand his choice of no sets:). Even to buy, he would ask the shopkeeper, If the salesman could give him assorted clothes from the sets displayed.

98% places both the kids had the choice to choose their combinations to wear, but on some occasions (visit relatives with my mother or festivals), we would ensure “acceptable combination to take care of Nani’s desires to dress up “nicely”.

Both are not the same as they were a few years back – Our son is very conscious and has a keen understanding of the clothing he wears or wants to buy and wear now (he is 15).
Both are also not different – Our daughter does not give much attention to her clothing even now (she is 21yrs).