Children Sarkar at work

Open house at Aarohi in new year began with “what do we want to do in open house?’ I did not want to go with any pre-decide format, hence went with clean slate – no activity, no planning, only one quetsio in my mind “what we want to do in ope hosue, what is the need of open house?”

As we were talking in two groups, two kids were playing – some said they should go out of the session, some said “they should be out of Aarohi, some said “silence for 2 minutes…………………………now the question came “who decide what to do and how do we decide?”

This set the stage for open house.

First, we identified two areas

  1. Problem solving
  2. Decison makig

Problem came whe all wanted to do both the works – so we started again. This time we again identified two areas

  1. Make systems for Resources and Understand Learning process at Aarohi
  2. Make codes for Discpline, Hygiene and Safety.

Each one of us took up goals.

  • Systems of how to use resources?
  • How and why to make teams?
  • Identifiy the role of faciliatator? (do we need them?)
  • Usage of toilets.
  • How to reapair resources? – when something break, throw or do what?
  • When a child is not interested in the session, how to identify needs of that child and what do in that case?
  • Synchornize the working systems at both the campuses.

Enjoyed being part of “children Sarkar”.