We were making checklist at O-campus – we realized If we make and give to kids then how are kids going get involve – this becomes more of a rule and without understanding the kids ask “can I bring this, can I do this?…..”. Well, we diced to also make three kinds of checklist

  • Me – anything related to me – what to bring, when to bring etc
  • Others – Safety, behaviour, etc
  • Environment – Safety, material,

The checklist leader will make one fundamental checklist – rest EACH child to make their own checklist………….no one else will take decision for you, no one else will ask you………..its your journey, you travel and we are together.

Day two – after bath, all the clothes in toilet, some on floor, some on string. Buckets – some on floor……….soap, tumbler…….all had the similar story.

The sabha was called and each child was asked “make your bathing process and share how will you take care of you, others and environment”.

Rest of the work in progress………..