Change a bit – Reflection


CHANGE a BIT – one habit that was there yesterday and today, but now you would like to change it

Bathing not doing – I want to do it,
Bathing once in a week – want to change it to twice a week
Not brushing in the morning – will do from now

Not brushing in the night – will do from now, can someone remind

If I am busy and my friends call, I don’t talk with time – now I want to pay attention to their calls.

If someone was not talking to me, I was not being with them – Now I want to be with them

I am not meeting my friends then more often – I will meet them more often
Say hi, hello – but not pay attention to their personal life – but now want to spend time with them, knowing what is going in their lives

I have been using and ignoring them – After I use them, I want to keep them back in place
I use the resources and keep them here and there and now I want to keep it back
I think I will take care of the resource and keep them in other places –
I am anyway going to use it again like a blanket and then the bug gets into my bed – I want to clean my bed now

I get irritated with a lot of resource sorting during the campus care – I think I can just accept it.

I get a little agitated when I feel when others are not taking care of others – I want to change this habit by giving more options
I scream in Klubs – I want to be silent
I get distracted, feel sleepy, and stuff – make it interesting for me
I neglect and do not join – I want to take responsibility and join more klubs

I often do works and also listen – I want to pause and pay full attention to listening

I usually read comics – I want to start reading with more words
I used to read without understanding, skipping words etc – I want to still read fast, but read every single letter.
I have a limited bookshelf – I want to make it unlimited and make multilingual
I forget to read – I want to read more (any suggestions) +1

Problem-solving was difficult for me – Now I have started to enjoy being resourceful
Whenever I write I just sit in front of the book and do nothing – I want to change it and start writing immediately.

I started singing a little while and completely stopped – I want to start singing.
Anything I say, I do not observe for along – I want to make it a little longer (2 minutes)
When I repair, I am in a hurry to finish 0 I want to go a little slow and do it well

I eat fast – I want to pay attention to chewing +2
I just gobble and make my mouth messy – I want to eat slowly and eat peacefully

I don’t cook very much – I want to change to at least to two times in a week and meet my friends from different culture and learn food cooking from different culture

I do fewer strength activities – I want to increase running and other leg strengthening workouts.
Usually, I just stand and do things correctly – I want to push, drag and kick myself to do push-ups, instead of just dragging. Basically, I want to do.
I was really not cycling, just getting scared about the tiny matters like brakes, etc – I want to ride it more often
My fitness quire irregular, sometimes a little – I want it to be regular
I am preparing for the fitness klub at the last moment – now I want to prepare in advance.

Usually, I get super angry very fast and shout and hit and say bad words – I want to change that totally, Whenever someone is mean to me, I want to be cool – basically om.

Sometimes I get agitated and shout at others – I can give the nice way of looking at things
Instead of moaning and weeping – I can think of solutions that it’s a new home.
When I feel sad, I feel very sad, often no one knows about it also – I can share with someone or just do something to know my feelings.
I want to be very very very very more excited.

A NOTE ABOUT THE REFLECTION – I typed as it is when we all were sharing. I don’t know about others but I can say about myself – what I was saying, I am not sure will happen immediately. But the thinking makes a difference in my awareness and I am happy with this possibility.