Celebrations – Harvest from the Land


When people come and ask us “do you grow all your vegetable here in the land”, we say no, the land is rocky and taking to rejuvenate
Today I realized that even then with consistent efforts of the last three years how RICH have we become

  • Although we are not able to harvest vegetables for the entire community, but we have unlimited access to
  • Greens like Agati, Moringa, Ceylon spinach, Malabar Spinach, Passion fruits, Goili, Doddapatra, Tulsi, and Curry Leaves.
  • Anytime we make pasta/Mexican food – we are able to harvest Italian basil, lemongrass, and few more herbs
  • EVERY DAY we are able to have fresh herbs from the Herbal garden for our Herbal tea
  • We have a supply of Samai (Little millet) from the land, and now Ragi is growing
  • We have also got some harvest here and there of Soapnut, Mangoes, Guava, Custard Apple, Mint, Coriander leaves, Microgreens, Honey, Banana, Papaya, Green Chilly, Tomatoes, Beans of different varieties, Lady Finger, Brinjal, Locky, Ridge gourd, Bitter Gourd, Peanuts, Kidney beans, etc etc.
  • And here we are not even counting the trees, the ecosystems, the fauna, and many other things harvested from the land.

    As I am documenting all this I am realizing the RICHNESS which this land gives us. Realizing it’s not only the BIGGER GOALS but also these SMALL CELEBRATIONS ON OUR WAY which are valuable but often are ignored.