Celebrating Resourcefulness


Open learning does not start or stop only at “CHOOSING what I want to do”. As we travel the journey of OPEN LEARNING, we understand the IMPORTANCE of resources and being resourceful in journey. Being RESOURCEFUL is a habit of mind – cooking or playing piano…being resourceful adds value in learning journey.

For one to be resourceful, one needs to learn the skills to reach out to that right (for me) resource. And to reach that right resource, one needs to explore and be friend many resources. For one to be friend, one needs to know what all is available? To know what all is available, one needs to explore.

Some get stuck due to lack of “being resourceful” and they wait for unknown miracle to happen (dreaming, wishing, avoiding). Some stretch self and move ahead, while some stay with the problem. Staying with the problem may result into leaving work, procrastination, make excuses, more focus on others, feeling low, blaming (Self or others) … some try one or two ways and back to “I can’t do or its not possible or its too tough or I will do it next week or …”. Some keep trying.

“Resourceful” – as the dictionary says “having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties”.

Celebrating “Resourcefulness” this term at Aarohi by Introducing to different resources to approach any learning objective

Kids to participate by trying many different resources

  1. When stuck – look for various options of doing the same thing in different ways (discover my way)

  2. When confused – look for more resources – people, books, tools, ideas

  3. When in doubt – explore more ways of doing, ask people, seek help, bring clarity

Reflection via playing a Bingo game made us realized that either many of us getting confused with using resource or not used many different ways to solve a problem – A sharing round to explore ways to be resourceful

  1. Constraint helps in being resourceful – No Microwave to cook at the campus, rocket oven also was blocked in cooking, the next exploration happens by using sand to bake cookies.

  2. Seeking help

  3. Looking beyond (vast opportunities) –

  4. Look ideas from simple things (day to day experience) –

  5. Come out of our mind sets and go beyond –

  6. How else ?

  7. Leave assumptions

  8. Explore more

  9. Find another ways to do the same thing (techniques, resources)

  10. Discovering new things

  11. Look from distance

The week was busy with connecting with people via writing to be their mentor, searching for places to visit/ for internship to explore more ways of learning and learning from different people.

Lets celebrate learning. Let’s expand our own boundaries “how learning can happen”.