Cause and Effect

We were doing experiments with AIR. During the session I introduced the concept “cause and effect diagram”

One child used the same concept in reflection, I did not correct him or changed anything. I do not want him to understanding now what I understand. I want him to try in many different ways and build his own understanding.

Here is what he tried
Cause – In tree house railing I was aware that I am suppose to do the railing.
Effect – But I was talking to other children.
Cause – I was nature leader for this week.
Effect – Noone came to me ask me for the things in nature club.
Cause – Running is must for me.
Effect – On Wednesday I ran slow, because I lost my energy on laughing and teasing others.
Cause – I was suppose to make comic on self learning.
Effect – Instead of that I was working on video and seeing what others were doing. I learnt that I am suppose to do my work and not bother others.