Cat’s Home


Some kids at the campus during summer felt that the cats at the campus do not have the home. Kids of various ages got involved in making homes for cats using cartoon boxes. They watched vidoes on how to make cat homes reusing t-shirts and so on. Now that they had made the homes, they had put in efforts, they wanted cats to use those homes. When cats decided to not use those home, kids decided to lift them and put them in those homes. The creators will lift the cats and put them in homes while cats will reject and run away from those homes. Kids felt that the cats should have the comfort of home while cats did not need that comfort they needed their own space in bushes and over the roof under the sky.

When children made the houses they EXPECTED cats to stay in these houses – whether cats like it or not. The struggle continued, both sides were adamant leaving us wondering and reminding our roles in our children’s lives.