Caterpillar – Butterfly


This year of the pandemic has been the year of co-creation for me. I have been collecting and collating – here is one more:

Hasmukh from the Sapna Ranch shares this picture with the tag “This is for the adults to share with children.” Shared with the parents of Aarohi with “reminder for parents” and here are the different perspectives

coz we forget that our kids’ metamorphosis!!! ???? to us they look the same as always but the organic change is happening all the time and we perhaps don’t even notice…we treat them just as if they were still in our cocoon…when in fact they have grown wings and flown away!What I am seeing in this pic and what I am connecting to my thoughts is Police has a photo which shows a butterfly where an insect crosses the cycle of its growth and now it has wings to fly. So no more dependent on… It is free to fly as it got wings.

When I think of my parenting blunders I would use it as my brain reprogrammingLooking at the pic again, I see the parent as the policeman sometimes, trying to identify our child within defined parameters (what our database tells us or official papers like maybe report card tells us!)), and not recognizing who we see in reality at all… a great reminder
I wonder why even after growing such beautiful wings he has to drive a car? Can’t he just fly? Or does he still feel stuck to that identity of the caterpillar with no wings

The child is still carrying an old id with a childhood photo but still wants to feel that I am grown up, and can fly alone. Parents are not accepting that a child Is grown-up, can fly on his own…Children need space to fly. Parents are holding on to the power of the child Child – I am powerful Parent – no dear, you still need to understand the pros and cons, you can not fly without my guidance Child- I have wings now, so I can fly Parent -yes, I know you have wings now, wings are just grown up, so till your wings get strength, let me guide you. Child-oho, (in mind) I want to fly, can not fly, I can do it, no one trusts me, I want to experience my wings power, no one giving me a chance to explore it.. oho, rules are,…… Two roles: Story building happening in me ..Haha …