Can I choose

During nature week few resources where kept like- magnets, magnifying glass, litmus paper, slides, compass, filler, filters etc.
Children were working on their goal, slowly one came and took the magnets. He spend some time looking at it, smelling it feeling it and was wondering what to do. This magnet was the horse shoe shaped magnet. He asked others what it was? Slowly attraction happened and another one came and joined. The two had loads of questions about the magnet and the magnet fell and got stuck on something. Their antennae raised now and one screamed this is magnet. The other one not so sure said hey no and they both moved to check out if it was magnet. Same with litmus paper and the filter.
Children were on their journey, not wanting to know their scientific names or what it was called, they did not want to prove anything to anyone they wanted to be with the things. I am assuming they also did not want any adult to share their gyan, sometimes I was tempted but I held back.

Few shared it was a super session, because I could explore without worrying about right or wrong, one shared it was fun to find out something new. I learned to connect to the objectives.
For me as a faculty it was a beautiful experience of getting new resources and leave it with the children sharing only the safety codes.