Can I ?

One of the child came to me and said “aunty we need to tell process to each child of hygine”

I said “we have been telling to kids, will our telling will make them think”. The child immediately said “then we can ask each child make own process and share how will he/she likes work?”

Well, this interaction made me reflect on our working

Many times when a child asks “can I do this?” I do not answer, but I also do not make child think, I just shift the decision from me to leader child – the system is still not facilitating the child. Leader child decide: you can do and not do this.

I have to work on “child able to understand and think, before I or leader child say this can be done and this cannot be done”.

Can I take bath? (I was asked this q many times).

Take the child to the schedule and leave to the child to decide if she/ he has time to take bath or not? How will the child get ready to leave in time…….there are many variable which will work here…………….I take up one at a time.

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