Call Mummy or Aunty?

We had no case today – so began with public opinion. The topic was “should we call parent by mummy papa or aunty uncle in the session”

We started with analyzing the role of parents. Each child made venn diagram “my need from parents, from faculty and both”

Faculty also did “My role woth my child, session child and both”.

Few points which came out – we all shared

  • The home and session are different two different places
  • At home my parents can give special attention to me – in session it is not possible – all kids are equal.
  • If I call my parents mummy, papa in session – I will also start expecting the same behaviour from them, and it will not be fair to all the kids.
  • Does it really matters – what you call them? The opinions were “yes”.
  • If I treat my parents same as in session – I will not go in my challenge zone 🙂

So 7 out of 7 voted: we will call aunty and uncle”.

Few questions – kids raised and shared opinion

  • What if a child or new parents come – We will give them space, no rules for them , neither for us – its just that we are calling by understand and they will also understand the system and settle.
  • How long we give time? – as much as they want to take.
  • What if they donot understand – We will leave it to them . If they ask us why do you call aunty uncle – we will explain to them. If they do not ask – we will not impose on them

We shared with kids

“during holidays we have the need to be with our husbands, hence will be having our own room to sleep”.

So kids revised
So during holiday at O-campus when we are staying we have the need for our own relationship – mother, father, daughter, son, husband, wife……………..

As a faculty me and Namrata both felt that the whole public opinion session was led by kids – they were thinking, listening, questioning………… was truly an experience of “children sarkar”.