Bye Bye party-vedant

This is Poorva reporting about Vedant’s farewell party.

It happened on 5th March, 2014,Wednesdayin Bangalore, Geniekids, I-campus.

The anchors of the session were Kasturi and Poorva.

Cutlery people were Vibha and Ketaki.
Photographers were Mitali and Dhruv.
First we started by announcing what we are going to do.

We had Pizza and while eating we shared our feedback and thoughts about how we are feeling when Vedant is leaving Aarohi and shifting to Pune. We shared how we were feeling at that moment. Many people were sad and emotional at that point of time.Vedant’s parents had also come. They also shared – how Vedant’s journey in Aarohi was. Faculty also shared their journey with Vedant in aarohi. Journey was really good. Children said that his jokes are very good.

Vedant was telling – he loved few people. He will not miss anyone but few people. We were like –

After that we played little bit music and danced. That time also we ate ice cream.

We all enjoyed the party. Everyone was telling Thank you to Vedant. We had made a card before for Vedant and while dancing we gave card to him.

Everyone had written a paragraph for him inside the card. He was very curious to see the card.