Business with Valli


Business Jaatre with Valli, father of Aditi to understand started with a question ” what is business”? Work, generating money, transaction of money, make and sell…
What all we need to do a business? Passion, skills, patience, understanding, know-how, people, social skills. Business generates employment, earning opportunities, revenue for govt (tax paying).

He runs a business of CCTV in Mumbai. He shared abot CCTV, hardware and role of a camera. He shared about his business structure…office staff, marketing team, laying cables and maintaince ( AMC) team. The question asked “then where do you be?”

He shared his journey…from Mumbai, after 12th could not go to further studies. He had the choice of taking up a job of a peon or become a sales person. He chose to sell products, he did this for 10 years. He questioned “can I sell for myself?”. And started a business. After struggling for initial 10 years, he decided to focus on selling one product only and focused on selling only CCTV. He grew as he focused on selling one product. He feels one of his reason for his growth is service, service and service.

Now he feels with business he can also focus on growing and developing self and that’s what brought him to Aarohi with his daughter