Business persepctive


Often earning is limited to gaining degrees. But we fail to recognize our own strengths and interests. How about learning to hone our skills and sell them to earn rather earning by doing what we don’t want to do.

Celebrating “Business” this term at Aarohi. Just think for a moment to make the business out of your skills or interest or passion?Does the perspective changes? We started the process of “business”. So, it began with ” the idea”, then we pondered on “who are our customers”? And then we detailed ” the marketing plan” and now action plan ..some are excited, some don’t want to earn money, some are working alone while some have partnered.

Lemon Stall business to give to thirsty people on the road outside Aarohi. They will invest their pocket money. If required they will sell handmade candles also.
Film Making Business – Make small films for products and events.
Show companyto screen movies/ drama. Planning in progress.
Marketing Products
Massage – Leg massage for tired legs and stressed heads.
Toy Model – Get them manufacturer and sell online.
Recycle Bangles – Give your metal bangle and we will give your crochet bangle to you.
Origami Toys – Simple paper origami toys.
Passion Fruit Business – growand sell them.

Let’s explore this summer.