Bus Library


Yes, We began with a dream to have our library in a bus. The community tried to get the bus in many different ways and one day we came to know about the auction of an old government library bus. We had only heard about the auction in movies, not in real life.

Some kids were excited with the concept and the process began. After all the paper work, it was the time to decide our limits. Our accountant (10yrs old) did his own calculation and gave a green signal.

On the day of auction all were sitting glued to the laptop (it was online auction ). After ups and downs of winning and losing, finally, we won the bid!
The process was yet not over. We had to figure out how to transport the bus to the campus. Once again the team was in action. All possible calls were made, negotiations were done, ideas were discussed, trips to the bus site were made.

The land where the bus would be parked needed preparation and the whole community came together to prepare the ground.

The journey began with the teamfiguring out how to bring the bus to the campus. Finding who will tow or how to get bus checked for its health or bring with the engine or without the engine…phew! It looked herculean task but bit by bit, each hand, each idea, each effort made it possible.

The entire process involved various skills exhibited by the team which had members from 5 to 49 yrs old.