The mystery of “internet” continue to come in our thought club at Aarohi. We began pondering over “how do we know how much we can download?”. We realized that while we have been using internet for a long and for various usages, we have very less understanding about it. We have experienced its advantages while we are very less informed or aware about its disadvantages.

This week at Aarohi we started exploring internet. Different team of children choose to explore – What is internet? How do we get internet and how is it generated? What is the speed/bandwidth of internet? how do we know how much we have? How do we know how much internet can we use? How do we measure internet? How much can we download , how do we know the limit of our data? How to find out how much data we have used and how much is left? What is bytes, GB, Mb etc and how big a file can be downloaded? What is Mbps? What is YouTube? Why does the internet become slow when when we use YouTube or download? What is the advantages and disadvantage of internet? Do uploading and downloading happen at the same speed.? What is the area limit of the internet? What is hacking? What is Viruses? What is anti – viruses? How does hacking happen? What do you do when your device is hacked? How does a device get viruses? How do you find out your device has virus? What do you do when your device has viruses? How do you prevent viruses? What is Email fraud? How does it work? What is cookies? are they safe? What is cyberbullying, email frauds?

Two kids worked on cyberbullying. While they were comparing ‘bullying and cyber bullying’ we realized that how much it is related to our action in daily life. How we act with or without thinkings. How kids take teasing, bullying, gossiping part of fun, fun in making fun of others….possibly they are not aware what it leads to….one of the child shared “I teased, because I was getting bored”….hmmm

We began to know about internet and cyber bullying but we ended up digging inside us. Often we are worried about ‘someone else harming our child’ and we also pass this message to our kids ‘someone else is harmful’ – we put many checks to save our kids from any harm. Less we know that we and our kids are part of that ‘someone’. Bullying is a big word and often associated with “big and bossy kids to small kids’, but what about the ‘gossiping, discarding, grouping, discriminating, making fun…..we rarely bring this awareness to our kids and to ourselves too.