Some younger member feel that they are being bullied
Some elder member feel that they are being bullied
It’s not that all are being bullied
It’s just that it is part of living

A session on Bully was to explore options – Parents to connect with kids and explore roles in bully and being bullied and being part of a bully and just observing bully happening.
Tween club with NIMMI, explored What is bully, sharing a few personal experiences, physically what happens when you are being bullied, what are the ways you can handle a situation of being bullied, what could be the reasons why someone bullies (on a specific situation created by children) some scenarios of bullying and children giving varying options under different scenarios. We continued with our storybook – shared with children how there are specific scenarios and if they could suggest options for handling the situations. The scenarios were focused on age/power related bully, verbal bullying, social bullying, hurtful comments regarding looks, gender/stereotyped bullying and a video related bully scenario.

Children shared the options they think would help the one who is being bullied. The session seemed to go well initially as children shared with enthusiasm loads of options. Towards the end, they seemed exhausted and bored and wanted it to be interesting – (Hmmm….learning for me…I had planned a spin and tap on the PPT for the scenarios but that didn’t work as we had a few technical issues – but yes a little more back up plans from my end would have definitely helped I suppose).