We do Yoga. We do breathing. We have Yogasana in our environment. But when we hear more from the people who practice it daily and with devotion, it gives us a different perspective, sometimes reinforces, sometimes gives us direction. A session with Vikas from Isha Yoga was no different.

Our breathing changes when our emotions change. Our body postures changes with our emotions.The way we keep our body it effects our energy, our body.Yogasana helps in activating our energies.Yoga with involvement helps when you don’t take external resources. Most practices lets do with closed eyes. Simple practices look very simple but if done regularly it brings significant changes.

Just an hour long session but it inspired few of us to look into yoga deeply. Some are wanting to visit the Ashram andexplore more about the way another community works, the way we can bring changes in our practices, the way we can learn more about Yoga.

Thank you, Vikas for igniting the yogic energies inside us!