Brazil with Mariana


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Knowing Brazil with a quiz with Mariana, a volunteer at the campus from Brazil
How big is Brazil? What are the languages? Where is it? What is the size?

And sharing more information through an interaction – History of Brazil, Portuguese, Africa Trade, Far from India, Spices, Invasions, Redwood, Ink from redwood, colonization, indigenous people, slavery, Diversity, Football, Capoeira, biodiversity, rivers, like Kerala, songs, music, biomass, states, provinces, city, jungle, humidity, Amazonia, Bioma, dry land, houses, sandy, animals, anteater, monkey, flora and fauna, no Elephants, food, cheese, cheese bread, tapioca flour, coffee, orange juice (lot of oranges), meat, beans, rice, salad, eggs, french fries, cornflour, chicken, festivals, religion, Christianity, indigenous, African, cities, countrysides, Portuguese colonies, architecture, churches, rhythms, Simba, language of music, Inspiring Brazilians, educators, writer, singer, winter, cold, about her, her family and that’s all!

What brings her to India? Not much contact with nature or people, fewer people, less looking inside leading to yoga. At the age 18, liked movies and photography and applied for cinema college, political changes, history college, gap year, studied yoga, cinema was more of technology, like o be more with people, job in history, working in hospital, stressful job, job dissatisfaction, no family, only friends, connected with yoga, decided to come to INDIA! She likes different places, different people, and likes traveling.

Curious about Brazil, want to explore more about any aspect, connect with her, read more, explore more!