Boring song

One day in the ,,,, oh, aunty what a boring song. We do not like this song.

Aunty moved ahead humming; one said let us listen to the song at least. Yes, yes let us.
As the song played children took time to listen to the song, the music and the words.

Listening to the music helped them choreograph the movements. Talking about why and which movement will suit the music. As the lyrics were read the children now came to the discussion of what is this year of the fox.”One day, in the year of the fox”.

Discussion on what could the year of the fox lead to Chinese years. AS this discussion was happening, they now wanted to know what this song is about. One child shared, many times we listen to song and we just sing but we never think what it is all about, another said because of the lyrics I am thinking more about the different meanings and words. I am trying to know more about the song. So much work the boring song did for us.

You can listen to the song here