Book sharing


How do we expand our choices? By sharing our choices with others in the community! Book sharing, all of us (irrespective of the age) shared about book/s in closing circle on Friday to enjoy the world of books.

Bean world, a Graphic novel, like for it’s funnyness and wierdness.
Furniture design book to share about cool interiors.
Kingdom of animals, sharing about Fugu fish ( delicacy in Japan).
Mughal Period to share the love of history.
Ganesh, to share about a story
The works 3 ( poetry), for its mysterious and funny poems.
Pink Pages, handy guide for girls, tips on attitude, helps to set up rooms etc .
Arthur’s Baby, about sharing the news about new baby coming in the family.
Food for fitness, sharing about food and natural hygiene (detox), why we overeat, what are cravings etc.
Sign Language, to share about history of sign boards, road signs, understatnding various signs on road and about them.
What’s really happening to our planet, to share about facts about various issues we are facing
Little woman, to share about four girls and mother, father in war.
Sophie’s world, to share about a mysterious novel, exploring western philosophy.

Toto Chan, a book on experiences in free schooling Japan during world war 2.
Mammals of India, to introduce to learn about an animal through drawing.

Fascinating world and Insects about facts about any insect or animal.
A journey to the centre of the earth, to share about geology.
I spy, to share about a pictorial book with painting and puzzle.
Julias Ceaser (a graphic novel), to share about the language, comic strip firm of a book.
Monkey see Monkey do, to share about the book and the author.

The session stimulated some souls to explore the wonderful world of book!