Body Awareness

A topic quite intriguing for me. I love the fact that there is much in this topic and so little I am aware of. Few children had taken up this topic and I enjoyed watching them explore and discovering the meaning of BODY AWARENESS. From knowing my body to understanding ho different body parts respond the whole journey was a an experience by itself. The dolls and puppets were used in many ways. I personally thought that the children were sharing and using the doll with no thoughts of being labelled and judged. Could be my assumptions. Initial use of the doll was more on the outer surface, playing with it, pulling its legs, hands closing its eyes etc. Slowly they moved beyond what was obvious. Now they started interacting with the doll, talking to it, sharing their feelings, playing with it, separating the boy doll and the girl doll, giving them a career choice. Talking to the dolls how they should take care of their private parts, One do;l had a hole in between her legs oh and this doll was told how to be careful while sitting.

As I was interacting with these children I realised that the time that they got to spend with the dolls was really helping them to come out of their inhibitions and be with the doll as how they wanted to be. The 3 days with the dolls was well spend is what I feel.